Elena Madison: Behind The Woods MADHAVI BHUKYA

Elena madison: Behind the woods


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storytelleruk2017 The book contains the story of a young girl and challenges faced by her. the main theme of the story is on every 760 years when the moon comes four times close to the earth when the tenth Halley's comment reaches the underworld gates are open the cursed covens who are magically turned into vampires raise to hunt the prey and occupy the kingdom of spiritual world chapter: 1 the first day in woods in this chapter the girl Elena who is new to woods come to know more things about the woods does her curiosity leads her find out the truth behind the woods are not? chapter:2 broken spell part 1 Elena travels various part of the woods and she gets the clue about the existence of spiritual world chapter:3 broken spell part 2 Elena came to know that what ever she heard about woods is true and the only one way to stop covens is through finding the girl and her army chapter:4 the unknown past in this chapter we come to about the Elena's past and who is Elena Madison and what is the secret of her birth chapter: 5 In search of the girl and her army Elena recalls her memory back and she will come to know the truth about her and about her true feelings. she makes her journey through seven continents and finally find out the five warriors with five different supernatural powers and how she can be able to find only selected one from the crowd chapter:6 the final battle as she reaches back to wood after a long time she come to know about the history of covens and how they can be recognized, how Elena stops the Halley's comment reaching does she will be able to the gates again before the comment reaches the earth again and does she will able to save the woods from coven's.




Price: $2.99

bound: 54 pages
Publisher: Independently published (April 20, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1521110743
ISBN-13: 978-1521110744
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